Road to JJ #2: Outline Complete

by | Newsletter

Greetings friends!

The preparations for JJ #2 are finally underway! I know, its been a while…

…But after several moves and a related bible study side-project (here), I’ve finally got the needed clarity and small budget to move the series forward.

The first step is to finish the JJ #2 story, which I’ve just completed the outline for this weekend. 🎉

(I’d also prepared recently with some story pre-work you can read about here if curious.)

Once I’ve got the JJ #2 artwork in production, I have some other fun things in mind to try and promote JJ #1 more in the lead up.

I hope this finds you well since we last met!

I’ll try to send another JJ #2 update here soon.

Best regards,
DJ Wilkins