JJ #1 Now on Comixology & Indy Planet!

by | Jesus Jumpkick

For anyone wondering where Jesus Jumpkick was in 2016, I can only confess that a series of life events this past year (the positive kind, gratefully) kept me from putting as much time into the series as I would have liked.

That said, one of the big highlights for Jesus Jumpkick in 2016 was getting JJ issue #1 published and available on two of the leading print and digital comic apps and services: Comixology and IndyPlanet!

Update (9-2-2017): I’m currently working on shifting gears for something new here in 2018. While I’m very eager to return to Jesus Jumpkick again in the near future, this other project is a bit of a better fit at present. ┬áMore details soon to follow!