J Innocently Punished with Two (short)

by | Epic Bible Mystery

Let’s play guess that Bible story!

And spoiler alert: its not necessarily what you think wink.

Seven Clues

Which story in the Bible is all of the following true about?

  1. A righteous man of God is punished by the governing authorities despite his innocence.
  2. Along with this godly man, two other men are also being punished.
  3. One of these two others is on a path to being redeemed.
  4. The other of these two is on a path to being condemend.
  5. Concerned for his imminant fate, one of these two men is more eager than the other to look to the righteous man of God for help.
  6. The words exchanged between the righteous man of God and the man on the path to being redeemed includes the following three words: “remember me when…”.
  7. A meaningful resolution to the situation will occur within three days.


The Answer

So, which story in the Bible does all of the above describe?

If you guessed… Jesus on the cross with the two theives (Luke 23:32-43), you are certainly correct!

BUT also…┬áif you guessed… Joseph in the Egyptian prison with two Egyptian prisoners (Genesis 40), you are also correct! And your knowledge of the Old Testament is worthy of some bonus points, I’d wager cool.

Pretty cool!

Bytheway, you can find a fuller detailed comparison of these two biblical stories in a section of another blog post of mine, the “Ask the Rigtheous Man: What is My Fate?” section of my other post here: The 7 Last Words of Jesus in Context